Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Cupcakes and Chocolates and Candy...the 3 C's

A must-see when in Oklahoma City (above is Edmond location) is Pinkitzel.  This place is a sugar-filled wonderland that takes your senses into a colorful high.  It's not only a bakery and candy store, but they have really cute and fun gifts as well as party supplies from Meri Meri.  Make your way through the whole store to find the party room which can be reserved for your special occasion.  And, yes, this is the place you see on the sticker of the gift bag from the previous post.  Pinkitzel does a beautiful job with gift wrap, too.


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    1. Hi glad you found my blog and a big thank you for the sweet compliment. I have found you on bloglovin' and look forward to chats!